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Dhamal Ltd is an end to end event production and management company that creates, designs and executes events for social, educational and corporate sectors. The events cover a very broad spectrum and include conferences, workshops, educational trips, product launches, sports, travel, charity raising, religious, festivals, art exhibitions, dinners, debates, award ceremonies, private parties and specific events tailored to client needs.

Our events are customised to our client base by upfront understanding our customer composition, requirements & outcome coupled with a seamless execution by our professional teams that help convert dreams into reality, thus creating an experience that is unmatched and memories that are made to last a lifetime.

Every event undertaken is delivered with the end goal of a satisfying premium experience for our customers. With professional creative insight, detailed planning, logistical support and enthusiasm to deliver the right outcome, Dhamal Ltd makes every event ooze total fun and entertainment.

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Dhamal Events can help you create and deliver a tailored lifetime experience to your audience, please contact
Name: Pradeep Saxena
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If you would like to know more about our social, educational or corporate events and the customer experience we generate, please contact
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